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A Special Mother's Day Toast

Here’s to the mothers of children with special needs whose patience, perseverance and love make a difference every day in the life of their child. To those who put their lives on hold in order to provide one for their sons and daughters. To those who became the warrior mom battling for services and advocating for their child’s rights. Here’s to all the mothers who spent tireless days seeking the best doctors and therapies and who spent many sleepless nights with worry.

And to here's to those who have ever mothered a child with special needs. To all those caregivers, teachers, therapists and medical staff who have been part of our journey. To you who have loved these kids in spite of their quirks and touched their hearts. To those who have made a difference by bringing joy and a sense of belonging into their lives.

To all of you I say Happy Mother’s Day with a grateful heart! Your dedicated efforts shine through the faces and lives of so many every day. Together we continue to reach beyond the boundaries of the challenges; together mothers like us overcome odds through our driving strength called love.

Authors Johanne Crawford and Nicole Donovan are two of many moms whose driving strength of love led them through the challenges of autism. Two mothers who raised sons spanning the autism spectrum. As told through the lens of a parent, their stories help educate and inspire others. And most of all let parents like themselves know they are not alone.

To read about their journeys through autism click on the links below:

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