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Autism Awareness

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

Autism Awareness Month is everyday in the lives of those affected by autism spectrum disorder.1 in 36 is now diagnosed with autism. 1 in 36 families live with an uncertain future for their child. The numbers continue to grow at an alarming rate and so do those who are diagnosed, rapidly aging out of the public-school systems that support them. Almost 50% will require long term, 24/7 care. While other families are planning for college, these families are planning for care for their child’s lifetime and beyond theirs.

In a conversation with WMVY radio host Laurel Redington in 2022, I spoke about my own personal concerns for my son’s future. Night Casts is a show that combines music and story to convey a message beyond words. The music and lyrics I’ve chosen reflect the never-ending emotions that are always playing in the background of mom’s like me navigating this uncertain journey. Take a listen.

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