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Over the Moon

The annual celebration of Valentine’s Day will soon be upon us. Images of hearts, cupids and candy imprinted with words of devotion appear in our minds. Our hearts are over the moon in love. It made we wonder why we choose hearts as the symbol of love; what does it really mean?

Some would say it is the center of our being, that which everything else depends on to survive; it holds power. The heart is life. It is the hub, the master pump that keeps our blood moving through our veins to nourish our bodies and remove toxic waste. Life itself can change in a heartbeat.

It is the seat of our soul, our emotions; it describes the indescribable. Our feelings are heartfelt, heartbroken, and we have heavy hearts. We follow our hearts, give from the bottom of our hearts and wear our hearts on our sleeve. We set our hearts on things, cross our hearts and get to the heart of the matter.

Hearts, they pump our life blood, feel the depths of our soul and connect us to others in an invisible energy words cannot begin to describe. Hearts emanate a magical energy beyond the physical realm; a universal vibration that knows no bounds.

Open your heart, feel the vibrations and blur the boundaries. Experience the magic of this Valentine’s Day and let your heart be over the moon.

Authors Note

One night in 2018, I attempted to snap the image of a super moon with my phone. It was dark and breezy with clouds quickly passing over the moon, so timing was key. My phone doesn’t have the best camera. I snapped three pictures and crossed my fingers at least one would be clear. To my surprise, the last image captured a cloud covered moon. It was shining through a perfectly heart-shaped haze. A sign from the universe, love is everywhere, you just have to take time to look up.

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