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A Sign from Spirit

October, it’s the month of harvest, a time to reap what we’ve sown; to go apple picking and in search of that perfectly round pumpkin. As the month ends with the tradition of Halloween, images of witches, ghosts and goblins fill our heads and those perfect pumpkins are now carved with eerie smiles. Yet, not much attention is given to the day before, Hallows Eve. A time believed to mesh the earth plane with departed souls who have transitioned into the realm of the heavens. For me, this day holds another meaning of spirit.

This year, October 30th marks the 20th anniversary of moving into my Habitat for Humanity home. An answered prayer made possible through the kindness of others sprinkled with a bit of Irish magic from the universe. There’s a supporting post on my side porch that undeniably displays a heart-shaped wood-knot. No doubt a sign from spirit that this house was built with love, compassion and energies from above. For me, Hallows Eve is truly a day of endless gratitude for a synchronistic blessing driven by a force higher than myself.

“The dedication of our new home would take place on October 30, 2002, the night before Halloween, the night the Celts believed the veils were the thinnest between the worlds of the living and the dead; a belief that the spirits would provide guidance in predicting the future. Being second generation of Irish descent in America, the magical placement of this day was no coincidence; it was meaningful synchronicity.”

-Reinventing the Wheel Part II, p. 71, CHOICES: One mother’s determined search for the supports to meet the needs of her aging autistic son, Author J.M. Crawford

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