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The Magic in Giving

It was a late August morning in 2019. As I ventured out on a walk down the bike trail, I saw a boy along the path. He was standing behind a small table with a sign, his parents sitting behind him in beach chairs. He looked no more than eight years old. “What are you selling?” I asked. He gave me his two-minute pitch about raising money for an animal rescue charity by selling lemonade to thirsty walkers and bikers. I reached into my pocket and scrounged up a couple of dollar bills and handed them to him. As he proudly proceeded to get a paper cup to pour the lemonade, I told him “no thanks, but keep the donation.” I smiled and thanked him for his great act of kindness then set out upon my two-mile walk. Towards the very end of my return trip, I happened to look down at my feet. There was a one-dollar bill stretched out flat in my path. No doubt a clear sign of abundance. I picked it up and continued my walk. The boy selling lemonade for charity was still at his post and I stopped to share my story. I told him that I had just found this dollar bill lying on the bike trail; like it fell out of the sky. “I think this is for your charity,” I said as I handed it to him. You would’ve thought I just gave him a hundred-dollar bill; he was elated. He smiled from ear to ear saying a thank you that was so sincere I knew his heart was smiling too. It certainly wasn’t the one-dollar donation that thrilled him, it was the magical energy in it and what it meant to him: a dollar had dropped from the sky to support his cause.

Lesson learned: if you’re doing good work, the universe supports you; pass it on.

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