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The Universe: one song

We live in a time when we’re all asked to stay apart for our safety, for our family’s safety, for the safety of one another; we remain isolated, suspended in time.

Time speeds by and yet it has come to an abrupt halt. A force hangs over the earth demanding us to go within physically and emotionally. Life as we have known it is gone.

We are morphing into the unknown at warp speed. Swirling in a world of energy that lacks truth, lacks trust. We are separate and yet we are together; surrounded by the same oneness of the earth, the membrane of the universe, the vibration of one song.

Change is hard for everyone. But maybe by opening our hearts we can make new connections in ways we’ve never dreamed and dream of ways we’ve never lived.

And maybe in that oneness of uncertainty we can find compassion and find ourselves in one another.

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