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Story & Sound

This morning I was compelled to listen to the sounds of one of my favorite songwriters. I searched the internet for the video I had listened to many times before. It was an old video taken in 1976 of a concert at The Capitol Theatre in NJ. I clicked on the link and tapped play. A grainy black and white image of a young Dan Fogelberg took the stage; just him and his piano. He played some tunes, some I recognized, some I’ve never heard, but all showcased his gift of song.

Why do I never get tired of watching and hearing this old clip? I thought. Was it a nostalgic longing for days gone by? Not really. What was it that kept pulling me back? The answer came quick: it made me feel, it made me connect, it made me think. His lyrics told stories of life; real life, sometimes of his life. He takes these meaningful words and weaves them into the rhythm and waves of sound that makes its way to our ears. An interwoven vibration that permeates the cells of our being and touches our hearts and our minds. We experience the message, the meaning, we feel.

Story and song, a marriage of vibrations that reach you on a whole other level. It’s storytelling that takes us on a ride through waves of sound to a different state of being.

Note from the Author

For those who are interested, here’s the link to the video.

If you’re a Fogelberg fan you’ll surely love it!

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